Local Area Information

Orhaniye Village is a small, picturesque, rural village, situated 25 minutes from Marmaris, on the Bozburun Peninsula, Turkey.

The village is spilt into 3 main areas; the beachfront with its restaurants, tea houses and pensyions (B&B's). The rural area to the left of the main road, where most of the locals live and Kecibuku, a sub-village off the main road.

Most of the locals farm their land for a living, which includes bee-keeping, orange, olive, mandarin and pomegranate groves, peanuts, herbs and general livestock farming. The village is very green thoughout the year due to the abundance of artesian water in the area. In fact there is an artesian spring very close to Villa Han and you will often see the locals walking past the villa, with water bottles in hand.

The main residential area is a real step back in time; farmers still walk laden donkeys, kids play football on the “main” road and many people working in the fields. This area is essentially a fertile valley with tall pine-clad mountains rising up on three sides.

The beachfront boasts a number of quality restaurants such as Orhaniye Incir, Club Mistral (next to Marti Marina) and some terrific local lokantas on the main road like Coban Restaurant.

A small road, immediately next to Coban, leads down to a relaxing beach area, perfect for the kids to swim. There is a selection of simple beachside restaurants (Oneiro, Mavi Yengec, KaptanKoy...) all with relaxing areas and a beach to choose from. Directly in front of the beach is a small island with the remains of Bybassos Castle.

The beachfront area also includes Kizkumu Beach, which has a sand spit reaching some 500 metres out into Orhaniye Bay; walking along this spit is a very popular pastime and gives the impression that people are walking on water. Orhaniye, with it's excellent natural anchorage, is also very popular with yachties.

The Saturday market, which is a must-do, is located in the parking area in front of the Mayor’s Office on the main road. Just look for the large white awnings – it’s impossible to miss! You can buy everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, to clothes, shoes, DIY and gardening tools and the tastiest olive oil, olives, white cheese, village bread and farm eggs. Watch the locals haggling, drinking cay and discussing village politics!

Come and visit Orhaniye for a quality villa holiday at Villa Han and enjoy the local way of life, the food, the views and the peace and quiet.